Monkey Chinese Zodiac Personality & Element

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Year of the monkey five elements

The Monkey comes in 9th position in the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. Recent Years of the Monkey 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, and 2028. A year of the Monkey occurs every twelve years.

What is the meaning of the Chinese zodiac sign Monkey?

The expression “smart as a monkey” which echoes the legendary skill and ingenuity of the monkey is perfectly suited to describe a cunning and shrewd person capable of solving problems very easily. During the entire period between Spring and Autumn (770 – 476 BC), the official Chinese title of marquis was pronounced “ Hou ”, identical to the pronunciation of the term “monkey” in Chinese. Thus, at that time, the animal saw itself, already, provided with a premonitory qualifier.

If we refer to the legend that surrounds the Chinese zodiac, the Jade Emperor, sovereign of the deities, wanted to select 12 animals for the sole purpose of constituting his personal guard. For this, he decided to organize a race whose final line would be to cross the Celestial Gate while the rank of the animals would be determined by the order of arrival of each one. Concerning the monkey, this one, already well behind schedule, decided to jump from tree to tree and from rock to rock to pass, finally, the Celestial door in 9 th position , thus becoming the 9 th animal of the chinese zodiac.

Calendar of the Years of the Chinese zodiac sign Monkey

Are you a Monkey?

People born in 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 or 2016 should normally (but not necessarily) belong to the Chinese sign monkey. Indeed, the year of the zodiac begins, as a general rule, at the time of the Chinese New Year, namely, between the end of January and mid-February. Therefore, if you were born in January or February of any of the years mentioned above, you could just as easily be a Chinese zodiac sign Monkey or Goat.

Let’s take the year 1992 as an example:

In 1992, the year of the monkey begins on February 5 and all people born after this date are indeed of the sign of the monkey. On the other hand, all those born before February 4, are, of the preceding sign, ie of the goat.

Calendar of the Years of the Monkey

year of the monkeyPeriodtype of monkey
1932from February 6, 1932 to January 25, 1933Water Monkey
1944January 24, 1944 to February 12, 1945Wood Monkey
1956from February 12, 1956 to January 30, 1957Fire Monkey
1968from January 30, 1968 to February 16, 1969Earth Monkey
1980from February 16, 1980 to February 4, 1981Metal Monkey
1992from February 4, 1992 to January 22, 1993Water Monkey
2004from January 22, 2004 to February 8, 2005Wood Monkey
2016from February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017Fire Monkey
2028from January 26, 2028 to February 12, 2029Earth Monkey

Monkey Personality: Monkeys are smart, clever but naughty

In addition to their brilliant minds and their sharp sense of humor, people born in a year of the monkey have, for the majority of them, a magnetic personality. Add to that other character traits such as mischief and curiosity that make them very naughty beings .

Given their propensity for fun, most of the time, monkeys are the kings of pranks and jokes . However, even if they don’t have bad intentions, their naughty side could sometimes offend other people.

Cunning opportunists, monkeys boast high cognitive aptitude They have many centers of interest and are more likely to seek partners capable of stimulating them intellectually. While some appreciate their eccentric nature, others, on the contrary, remain somewhat wary of their impatient, cunning and sometimes sneaky character.

Although intelligent and creative, monkeys cannot always reveal their talents as they would like. They particularly enjoy taking up challenges and prefer city life to rural life.

-Career of the Monkeys

Monkeys work hard in their respective jobs. They easily adapt to any work environment.

Accounting, banking, research, engineering, stock market trading, air traffic control, filmmaking, selling jewelry are all very eclectic ( but demanding organization) professional fields in which the monkeys will fully flourish.

-Monkey Relationships

With an unstable character and a dissolute life and, moreover, easily tired of being loved, monkeys do not seem in a hurry to settle in a lasting relationship . However, when the monkey finally finds his (or her) ideal partner, he devotes himself fully to his happiness. Particularly sociable with a pronounced taste for exchanges, the monkey very easily becomes the ideal confidant.

-Monkey Health

Due to their active lifestyles and willingness to experience different flavors of life, monkeys, for the most part, are doing just fine. However, the health problems they might encounter would generally be related to the circulatory and nervous systems.

Very often, people born in a Year of the Monkey spend more time at work than the average person. In order to recover as well as possible, the monkeys should not hesitate to take breaks during their busy schedule.

Performing many more outdoor activities, monkeys will have to remain very vigilant, especially with regard to their safety when traveling or driving.

Love compatibility: is he (or is she) compatible with you?

Each animal sign has its own characteristics that will determine love compatibility according to the Chinese zodiac. Only people whose characteristics of their sign agree can prove to be good partners. The table below will allow you to check the compatibility of monkeys with other animals.

  • Best compatibility with: Ox or Rabbit
  • Worse compatibility: Tiger or Pig

Lucky elements for people born in a Year of the Monkey

– Elements that bring good luck to monkeys:

  • Lucky numbers: 4 and 9
  • Lucky days: the 14th and 28th days of each month of the Chinese lunar calendar
  • Lucky colors: white, blue and gold.
  • Lucky flowers: chrysanthemum and crape myrtle.
  • Lucky directions: north, northwest and west
  • Lucky month: the 8th  and 12th months of the Chinese lunar calendar

– Items Monkeys should avoid:

  • Unlucky colors: pink and red.
  • Unlucky numbers: 2 and 7.
  • Unlucky directions: south and southwest.
  • Unlucky months: the 7th and 11th chinese lunar calendar month

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Monkeys

According to the Chinese theory of the elements, every six decades, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the following five elements: gold (metal), wood, water, fire or earth.

It is believed that the characteristics and destiny of a person are decided through the zodiac sign and the element related to their year of birth. The association of a sign with a different element appears every 60 years:

type of monkeyyear of birthFeatures
Fire Monkey2016, 1956Ambitious and adventurous but irritable
Wood Monkey2004, 1944Always ready to help others, compassionate with high self-esteem. Very stubborn.
Water Monkey1992, 1932Intelligent, quick-witted but haughty. Particularly appreciates being in the limelight.
Metal Monkey1980, 2040Intelligent, quick-witted, sure of himself. Easily irritable and stubborn.
Earth Monkey1968, 2028Frank, optimistic and fearless.

Famous personalities of the Chinese zodiac sign Monkey

CelebritiesDate of birthElement
Leonardo DeVinciApril 15, 1452Water Monkey
Tom HanksJuly 9, 1956Fire Monkey
Kylie MinogueMay 28, 1968Earth Monkey
Will SmithSeptember 15, 1968Earth Monkey
Justin TimberlakeJanuary 31, 1981Metal Monkey

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